17 Jul, 2019

The First Step

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Today is the day I start my next training year, starting with a 12-week strength block and a base endurance phase with a view to compete again next triathlon season. I have been out of racing for some time - firstly a commitment to my family (triathlon takes a lot of time!), and secondly with a foot injury that has prevented me running on the pavement.

But why today? What is it that makes us change, so we will get healthier, stronger, or maybe lose some body fat?

When I sit down with people, and discuss where they are at, we cover off lots of areas of their health. This is valuable information, but the real question is WHY?

Why does someone want to make a change? Why now? If someone has gone through repeated efforts to lose weight, or prepare for a competition of some sort, and it has not worked out, why will this time be different? If someone’s health is really not where it should be, and I know a few people like this, what is it that will actually cause some action?

Initially there will be a catalyst, a defining moment that causes action. It might be something simple like trying to put on last winters clothes for the first time this year and they don’t fit, or standing in front of the mirror when trying on clothes out shopping, or attempting to keep up with your children in the playground or kicking the footy. And suddenly it hits you. Change is needed.A tipping point is upon you. ACTION TIME!

We all have our WHY’s – the reason WHY we want to change - this is the first critical step. This WHY needs to be very strong. To remain committed to a change, to a training plan, a change to nutrition, especially in the longer term, you need a burning desire. You have to be driven to stick to change – initial motivation will be high but is this motivated mind set sustainable? I have seen examples of people who start out so well, only to slowly falter and fall back. We need to be able to stick to the change for a time to enable our habits to change permanently. We need that burning desire to draw on and to focus on achieving your goals.

To harness the burning desire we have, we need to set goals – both short term and long term. Write them down. Then make a plan to change – get the process sorted. Measure your progress.


  1. If you are ready to change, you will know it. The catalyst or tipping point has arrived.
  2. Action time – make the First Step. If you can’t then the catalyst is not strong enough.
  3. Get a plan together. Get a coach or trainer to guide you if needed. A good coach will really help with this structure.
  4. Set your goals, and then plan a step-by-step process to achieve them.
  5. Later, go back to your tipping point – stand in front of the mirror, measure your run, challenge your kids to a race. Getting on top of that catalyst is a wonderful feeling. The sense of personal satisfaction and the added benefit of improved self-esteem is very special.


Are you ready to take the First Step?


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