20 Aug, 2019

Michaela's Awesome Results!

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After 11 F.I.R.E. blocks, and countless I.C.E. sessions over the past few years, Michaela has just completed her first Metabolic Precision 12 Week program - so for the first time, she has adjusted her nutrition to maximise the benefits from her training.We all know how hard she trains - amazing! And Michaela has taken this diligent approach into her first 12 week Metabolic Precision program.Her results have been fantastic! I'm very proud of her and the way she has approached the program.Some key results:

  • Lost 5.7kg
  • Lost 6% body fat
  • Total measurements lost - 15cm

How did she do it?

  • Had a very good reason WHY to train and change the way she went about her nutrition - her family is very important to her, and she wanted to make sure she was high functioning - strong and fit - to take care of them into the future
  • Was very diligent with her MP processes, doing her tasks each week and recording her progress.
  • F.I.R.E.! Continued with her resistance training, twice per week, building on her progress each FIRE block. Michaela has a great routine going, and is consistent in her approach - so much so that she had developed a training habit.
  • I.C.E. - Michaela included I.C.E. classes in her schedule each week, and continues to get these done week on week. Yes, she has interruptions with work and family, but with such a body of work, missing the odd session doesn't make much of a difference.

Our annual Metabolic Precision Transformation 12 Week Challenge starts 2nd September 2019! If you want results like Michaela has achieved, then let me know, I will run you through our program and we can lock you in a spot.

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