23 Mar, 2022


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Two years ago today, the pandemic got real.

March 23, 2020 is the day when many gyms and fitness studios were forced to close their doors.

Restaurants could only do take away.

“Contactless delivery” became a household term.

Bottle Shops, though, were allowed to stay open. I guess wine and beer are essential, but improving your health and immune system with exercise isn’t?

Soon after, we had our first Zoom workout. Two years later, we still offer them, though things in most places are thankfully starting to get back to normal.

Now that we have two years of data, it’s clear that many people who experienced poor outcomes with COVID were in poor health to begin with. Age, obesity, and lifestyle-related diseases were some of the biggest factors in these poor outcomes.

Thankfully, coaches and fitness studios like mine adapted and improved. Instead of clinging to the old way of doing things, we found new and better ways to help our clients improve their health.

As a result, I predict that we’re about to experience a golden era of health and fitness, or should I say, health and wellness.

Trainers and coaches with a certain level of expertise and qualifications will be viewed as adjacent to medical doctors in the health hierarchy, not beneath them.

Fitness studios are going to become places where people can take care of the full spectrum of their health, from strength training to nutritional counselling, to physical therapy, and remedial massage services.

The idea of “going to the gym” and “working out” will become antiquated terms. Training, coaching, and accountability will be the new norm.

And people will be able to reap the rewards in more ways than ever whether online, in-person, or both.

The idea of going to a corporate gym and wandering around trying to figure out what to do will seem as crazy as having a VCR.

I’m proud and excited to be on the cutting edge of this movement.

I’m also curious - in what ways has your approach to health and fitness changed over the last 24 months? Shoot me a reply and let me know.

Yours in health and fitness,


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