Sarina's Story

It was exactly the sort of structured program that I needed to change my eating habits!

Sarina's first 12 week mp challenge...


Would you think that the 12 Week MP Challenge was a success for you?

It was exactly the sort of structured program that I needed to change my eating habits. It's scientifically proven, so I had belief in it! The program combines both exercise and nutrition which works. Also, Chris has encouraged the social side too which is motivating and fun!

What was your life like before the MP TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE?

I was in a bit of a rut, did exercise, but it was the wrong exercise. My nutrition was unbalanced and all over the place. I felt lethargic, unfit, fat and really out of shape and lacking energy. My go to meal was cheese and biscuits and glass of wine!

What hesitations did you have about joining the MP TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE?

12 weeks seemed like a long time (but it wasn't). Exercising indoors was concerning, as I prefer outdoors. I also thought everyone would be super fit and gym junkies!

What results did you achieve?

Exercised frequently, and good quality exercise! I have a new body shape! (see photos!) I transformed my eating habits. I made new friends through the process. In the end, a much happier self!

What is your life like now?

I am still learning from the experience. I am motivated to continue with MP nutrition and feel fit enough to do F.I.R.E.!


...and Sarina was a NATIONAL FINALIST in the Female Transformation category at the 2017 MP AWARDS! Amazing!